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vBgallery - vBulletin Highslide integration
by Sakera
14 Apr 2007 15:13

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To Paul @ Mini2 for Paul's vBulletin attachments addon

Whats this?

A Quick mod to integrate vBulletin with vBgallery.
Pictures in your forum from your vBgallery will use the highslide integration.

You can see this live here


Paul's vBulletin attachments addon
vBgallery 2.1 - 2.2

Version History
  • First Release: Manual install w/code change
  • 26/04/2007 - Removed text displayimage.php from code change to make it work for setups that serve images trough direct link.
  • Second Release: Product using plugin system
  • 1.0 BETA release 30/04/2007
  • 1.1 - Compatibility fix for 3.6.7

M-Tuning 14 Apr 2007 15:37

Nice, will look if i install it.

bashy 14 Apr 2007 16:07

Wow, I already have the lightbox version installed, I would certainly like this but i dont want to break anything.....

Well done :)

Subah 14 Apr 2007 19:16

Good one :)

Robru 14 Apr 2007 19:28

Sorry, that's already made ...

Sakera 14 Apr 2007 22:30


Originally Posted by Robru (Post 1227653)
Sorry, that's already made ...

Show me?

ymy 14 Apr 2007 22:54

Good work, Nice, I will try to install it

Click Install


romanticyao 20 Apr 2007 19:54

my doesnt work...

rabbits slayer 20 Apr 2007 20:34

mine doesn't work either...

4x4 Mecca 20 Apr 2007 22:32

do you guys have the requirements met?


Paul's vBulletin attachments addon

blackmagix 23 Apr 2007 18:50

Mine doesn't work either... Don't suppose anyone has a fix?

And yes I do have the Paul's vBulletin attachments addon

Sakera 25 Apr 2007 21:04


In the instructions the filename showphoto.php should be changed to displayimage.php.

Instructions updated.


blackmagix 26 Apr 2007 10:52


Originally Posted by Sakera (Post 1235418)

In the instructions the filename showphoto.php should be changed to displayimage.php.

Instructions updated.


Ok it doesn't work with the thumbnail for some strange reason...

If you leave the code as is (value="[img]$image[url][/img]") then it will create a text link that has the highslide code attached to it. but if you use the replacement code you have provided (
Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

) it simply doesn't work whatsoever... I’ve tried a couple of things but just can’t get it working with the thumbnail… Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Sakera 26 Apr 2007 11:21

I see that vBgallery use showphoto.php to serve images only if watermark on the fly is enabled.

I will make code that work on both with and without watermark on the fly enabled...

Sakera 26 Apr 2007 11:27

Simply remove the text displayimage.php from the code change, and it will be ok as long as your data directory is under your gallery directory. If not, change the url accordingly ...

If this doesnt help give me a link to where you have tried to install it and i will find the error thanks.

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