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Change Navbar and add Sub-menus
by brishi
14 Mar 2012 20:48

OK, so I have seen a few of the articles on changing the Navbar like for instance I want to get rid of the "What's New?" tab and have something different that pertains to my site and also have as many additional sub-menus as needed. Am I to understand that the only way to do something that should be one of the simplest things I would think in any CMS is to need to have a basic understanding of php and coding?? If I would have known that to begin with I don't think I would have ever purchased the CMS.

Am I wrong here or are there any other ways that this can be accomplished a lot easier? I have no problems with being able to follow step by step instructions. Is there any easier ways that one is able to create the menu the way that they want it for their website?


Lynne 14 Mar 2012 23:36

There are a few articles and several mods that allow you to easily change the navbar. Have you looked at any of them?

meaters 14 Mar 2012 23:58

There are several good mods that let you get rid of What's new or change it and add new links.

ForceHSS 15 Mar 2012 00:47


brishi 15 Mar 2012 05:56

@ Lynne - As I said in my post yes I have seen a few of the articles and I believe one of them may have been from you stating something to the likes of this shouldn't be tried unless you are familiar with php or something regarding that. Obviously I am not familiar with that or I would have not posted here. I don't expect anybody to take my hand and walk me through it step by step but would appreciate a reply from someone in the know about these mods to recommend something they know that will work to achieve what I want to do.
As I also stated I did not expect that being able to modify a menu in a CMS would be such an issue, IMO this should NOT be something that requires any mods or altering of any code as this would be something that will be changed on every single website.

@ ForceHSS - Thanks for recommending something for me, to make sure before doing this I want to make sure that when I import the second xml file file that I go to "Plugin & Products"? and do I say yes to allow it to overwrite? Being a new convert to vBCMS I just want to make sure.


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