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Remove Version from Footer
08 Jul 2006 04:31

I tried to search the forum to see if nobody else has posted this.

The reason for me basically wanting this on this forum is so I can click install so it will be in my "Show installed Hacks" list (if I ever upgrade or things like that I have a nice list of what I need to reinstall, or else I might forget).

All credits Steve Machol from vBulletin.com since he gave me the answer on the following question:


Hello vBulletin Support.

Am I allowed to remove the vBulletin version on the bottom of my page?

I wish to do this in an attempt to maybe shake off people who are out to exploit forums, if they might not see my forum version they might not even bother trying.

Steve Machol answered:


Yes, you can remove the version number. To do this, edit the 'powered_by_vbulletin' phrase and replace this:

Powered by: vBulletin Version {1}<br />Copyright &copy;2000 - {2}, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.

With this:

Powered by: vBulletin <br />Copyright &copy;2000 - {2}, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.

Note: To edit a phrase, place the new phrase in the available language text boxes.

Also please see this thread on how to make your vBulletin more secure:


All the best,
Steve Machol
Customer Support Manager, vBulletin


s3xt0y 08 Jul 2006 05:01


Nathan2006 08 Jul 2006 06:22

Thank you UZFRED

That link to vb.com is very useful too ;)


Scooterpig 08 Jul 2006 10:16

Nice one thank you UZFRED & Steve..:)

radarhunter 07 Aug 2007 05:00

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hi with reference to the above said post i made the foresaid changes but it`s showing me like this : pic attached . I hope this is normal ???

Brandon Sheley 07 Aug 2007 07:08


Originally Posted by radarhunter (Post 1311626)
hi with reference to the above said post i made the foresaid changes but it`s showing me like this : pic attached . I hope this is normal ???

yes, it id

do you see the version number in your footer ?

radarhunter 07 Aug 2007 07:12

nope i don`t but should there be 3 instead of 2 ????

when we`re replacing some digit it shouldn`t create another digit ???

Or it does ???

Jasem 02 May 2008 14:01

Thank you very much :)

wd4x4 05 May 2008 14:11


farzana 12 Jun 2008 19:19


wrestlesomnia 13 Jun 2008 02:14

This should be in vBulletin Articles imo...

0 Seo 0 10 Jun 2009 13:58

This is very useful thanks for the post.

cheat-master30 10 Jun 2009 18:25

You should also remember to do this to the version in the meta data as well, you know, the meta generator tag thing.

ubcforums 13 Jun 2009 02:19

i think we are not allowed to remove generator thing..

baghdad4ever 13 Jun 2009 12:51

even if you remove it

we can see the version from view source of page

i think

you better change that from debug mode

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