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vBulletin 3 Classic
by Zachery
11 Jun 2004 19:46

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This style is based on the original vB2 style, but done in vB3.

Screens can be found here

Forum Display
Forum Home


1.0.0 - Original Release
1.0.1 - Bug fix update
Fixed announcment bugs (2)
Fixed some bad xhtml in showthread template
Fixed Links button in header (new button and new template)

Re: vBulletin 3 Classic
by Dean N Steve
11 Jun 2004 19:52

Great job Zach, thanks for releasing :)!

Re: vBulletin 3 Classic
by assassingod
11 Jun 2004 19:59

Very nice:)

Re: vBulletin 3 Classic
by imported_TheComputerGuy
11 Jun 2004 20:00

Looks good dude!

Re: vBulletin 3 Classic
by Oblivion Knight
11 Jun 2004 20:11

Awesome work Zach.!
My hat is off to you my friend.. I was going to do this, but was too lazy.

Re: vBulletin 3 Classic
by Zachery
11 Jun 2004 20:16

Took me 4 hours, i guess i just know my way around too well >.>

Re: vBulletin 3 Classic
by idwf
19 Jun 2004 08:12


Re: vBulletin 3 Classic
by Tony G
19 Jun 2004 10:52

Mmm, good ol' vB2 design. Nice work Zach. :)

Re: vBulletin 3 Classic
by Raitsa
19 Jun 2004 23:24


Originally Posted by Zachery
Took me 4 hours, i guess i just know my way around too well >.>

Great work, now that ur on the roll, could you finish the awesome XP-style as well? :)

Re: vBulletin 3 Classic
by Vision
20 Jun 2004 09:08

Very Nice Work, THX !

Re: vBulletin 3 Classic
by SK
22 Jun 2004 08:14

Good job

Re: vBulletin 3 Classic
by michaelab
23 Jun 2004 10:25

Nice one! I'm using this (after changing the colour scheme) in my recently upgraded forum (http://www.zerogain.com/forum) but I've noticed that the "links" button at the top is not aligned with the rest when using IE (works fine with FireFox). It's noticeable even on your Forum Home gif above (allthough on my forum it's worse).

Any ideas? The button is the same size as the rest so it must be in all the DHTML menu code somwhere which I know very little about :(


Re: vBulletin 3 Classic
by Zachery
23 Jun 2004 15:55

Ill take a look into sometime today if i get the chance :)

Re: vBulletin 3 Classic
by Sownman
23 Jun 2004 20:08


I need to make a couple changes to this style or is it template ? I'm still new to this and am pretty confused.

1) I want to lose the purple header and replace with our logo in the center, but I don't see
where to do that. I don't see an image name for that purple header. Will this also delete the buttons nested in it ?

2) I also want to change the color of those buttons away from purple and towards some
more earthtone color to match the rest of our site.

3) I would also like to try adding our current site nav buttons outside the left side of the VB table, to see how it works. I might want to undo that though. Here are links to the VB as it's set now and to our homepage for button and logo reference.



As I said I'm still a real beginner at this. One thing that would also be helpful is a guide that clarifies which portion of which VB page is actually controlled by which template. Terms like Postbit are still quite foreign.

Also in HTML pages I'm acustomed to being able to make a copy page and edit that till it's right then rename it to put it on line. How can I do that in VB so I don't make an error I can't reverse ?

Thanks in advance


Re: vBulletin 3 Classic
by Zachery
24 Jun 2004 22:30

Youll need to edit the header template. Only if you remove them as well.

You can use the vBulletin 2 GDK, if you dont have access to Photoshop will you give me a HEX code youd like the buttons to look like?

To add your links the way it works now youd probaly have to edit the header template and have them included here.

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