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Do the vBulletin mobile apps use Javascript-capable webviews to display threads?
by vbSuperfan
08 Aug 2019 23:18

I would like to make a small interactive GUI that would be displayed inside normal vBulletin discussion threads, by means of a custom BB code which includes javascript code which in turn makes AJAX calls to an external PHP script on the same domain, and then dynamically updates the contents of a DIV tag also included in the same BB code (i.e. standard operation for any AJAX GUI).

I know that this shouldn't be a problem for the normal browser-version of vBulletin, since it's just a common HTML page, and BB codes can contain arbitrary HTML/Javascript.

BUT, I'm not equally sure about the vBulletin mobile apps (i.e. those of the vBulletin Mobile Suite, the most recent 2.x versions) which I'm also using for my site. Would such a design also work directly in the discussion threads displayed in these mobile apps?

Or, put in a more technical way: Do the vBulletin mobile apps use Javascript-capable webviews to display their threads, or are the thread contents in these mobile apps rather rendered in some kind of more static fashion inside these apps, thereby prohibiting any such kind of dynamic Javascript modification of their displayed contents?

Dave 09 Aug 2019 16:29

I believe the vBulletin apps do not make use of any HTML/CSS/JavaScript but communicate with the API running on the forum and then parse and render the response of the API on the screen.

vbSuperfan 09 Aug 2019 20:34

Thanks for your reply!

Even if the apps themselves don't use javascript etc, I guess they could still render the threads in a (local) webview, even if they fetched the contents via the API, which would in turn make it possible to use HTML/Javascript in the post? Do you know it this is the case or not?

If the mobile apps do not use HTML at all to render the posts, how can for example custom BB codes (e.g. for embedding of video from custom sites) work and display correctly in them?

Dave 09 Aug 2019 21:32

Might be better to ask that at vbulletin.com, but it does not necessarily have to be rendered using HTML/JavaScript. It can be rendered using the framework that is part of the programming languages that they used to code these apps. (Xcode/C#/Java)

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