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New Modification System
by Dr.CustUmz
03 Feb 2021 00:48

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Just wanted to show some progress of my custom Modification system. I have re made everything from scratch navigating through vb.org pages since I felt Connors version was not sufficient enough for me, and have also added many features I felt are needed here.

This is just an early preview, and I have a lot more plans for it but I was liking the progress I made today and wanted to show it off.

yilmaz 03 Feb 2021 12:38

I liked it very much.
It was a successful work.

wangyu1314 28 Feb 2021 13:18

I have seen nothing.

Dr.CustUmz 28 Feb 2021 14:11


Originally Posted by wangyu1314 (Post 2606503)
I have seen nothing.

Things are still being worked on, I will add screenshots when I have time though.

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