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meebo chat room - save bandwidth / resources
by GoTTi
09 Mar 2009 07:25

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Alot of us use cyb's chatbox on our forums, which is great, but if your forum has hundreds, even thousands of visitors a day, having the chatbox does increase your forums useage and can use alot of bandwidth, at the same time slowing your forum down if you were to remove the "index" line in your vbulletin options to show the chatbox on all your pages.

im not going to say that cyb's chatbox is a problem for large forums, ive used it since its been released, and i might continue to use it instead of this small mod/idea im sharing with you guys, but just as long as everyone knows the option is out there, ill share it with ya's.

ok so whats the deal? ill try and keep it very simple. meebo is a service that allows you to network all of your instant messaging programs into 1 program, like trillian (if you know what that is). offered with meebo, you can make a chat room that will be hosted on the meebo servers for free.

you will now have a free chatroom, ran on flash not java, and not use anymore of your server/website bandwidth or use AJAX for constantly reloading the chat. yes you will be relying on meebo's servers to stay online, but if your a large forum community, their servers are easily handling thousands of connections at once with no issues. the chat runs extremely smooth.

Files to upload: 0
Template Edits: 1 (whichever one you want)
Time to install: hmm about 35sec - 1minute
Difficulty Level: EXTREMELY easy

Everyone on here likes to download stuff, so click here to download the file, or you can click HERE or maybe here. if you scroll up you can download it there also!

anyhoot, enjoy.


Question: How do i make the chatbox bigger?
Answer: In the embed code, you will see "width:XXX" change all of them to 100% and it should load the full width of your settings on your forum. or you can change it to whatever you want. You can also change the "height=XXX" numbers around. Just make sure that all the numbers are changed to the same thing when you change one number. I haven't put different numbers in there to see what happens, you can to play with it, i just have all the numbers the same.

Question: How do i uninstall this?
Answer: There is no plugin. Just remove the edit you did to whatever template you altered for this chatroom to show up. simple.

Hornstar 09 Mar 2009 08:45

got a link to a demo so I can see it in action?

GoTTi 09 Mar 2009 08:56


Originally Posted by hornstar1337 (Post 1763834)
got a link to a demo so I can see it in action?

http://www.tmz.com/2009/03/08/brown-...ail-time-chat/ there ya go

Skyrider 09 Mar 2009 10:29

What about moderationship of the chat room?

lazydesis 09 Mar 2009 12:58

how does this integrate with vbulletin? I mean how to make members chat with their usernames?

GoTTi 09 Mar 2009 15:59


Originally Posted by FF|Skyrider (Post 1763868)
What about moderationship of the chat room?

there is none really. from what i see, when you register with mee bo and make the chat room, you have the power to warn abd ban users from the chat. other than that, thats prerry much it.

GoTTi 09 Mar 2009 16:00


Originally Posted by lazyindian (Post 1763940)
how does this integrate with vbulletin? I mean how to make members chat with their usernames?

users can input any name they want to. they starts as guest, unless they have a meebo account and are signed in.

maybe someone can write something to work with meebo, maybe a bridge ofthe users DB to work with meebo.

cindy helmond 09 Mar 2009 18:44

hhhnzz nice but no intergration ? permissions

furst 09 Mar 2009 19:05

Yes, this would be a lot better with some integration with the vbulletin software.

GoTTi 10 Mar 2009 07:36


Originally Posted by furst (Post 1764229)
Yes, this would be a lot better with some integration with the vbulletin software.

oh im sure it will be alot better...but i dont have the source or know how to bridge meebo to vbulletin. maybe one of u big brains can do it.

yingzhou 19 Mar 2009 18:17

not work on my side. I'm using it with the Logician's Webtemplates.

Chadi 19 Mar 2009 21:24

There is no embed code icon on my new created room in Meebo. Please explain.

Bounce 19 Mar 2009 23:00

Done this ages ago :cool:

Jasem 24 Mar 2009 03:41

Good work, Thank you!


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