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FreshBlue Fixed Version Temeplete Styles Due To Last Updated Problem
by Shawn Yue
28 Mar 2008 12:52

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Powered By Shawn Yue
This Is The Updated Fixed Temeplete

Just Upload All File But Your Old File Of 1.0 Please Delete It

Note: If You Have The Problem Of Cannot See Your Icon On The Styles Please

Create A Primary Styles Or A New Styles And Overwrite With It


1) Upload the 'freshbluetemplate' folder to your vBulletin
/images directory.

2) In your vB Control Panel go to Styles & Templates ->
Download / Upload Styles.

3) Select 'freshblue-vbulletin-style.xml' in the 'upload the XML
file from your computer' section.

4) Leave the rest of the form settings as they are and click

5) You're done!


You are welcome to use this template on any number of forums at
no cost whatsoever. All I ask is that the Vaya Design link in
the footer remains and that you do not distribute the template
yourself (including modified versions).


Please Feel Free To Visit My 2nd Site At The Bottom Of Your Forum That Say CopyRight Just Go There And Download My Latest Styles

Thank You

This Work In 3.6X 3.5X 3.7

Thank YOU

Yours Sincerely,

Shawn Yue

Owner Of This Design

Do Not Distrubite To AnyBody

Thank You

Please Do Not Abuse It

And Release It SOmeWhere Else Please Don't

Please Also Note Do Not Removed The Copyright As I Said Above

Credit Goes To Shawn Yue

And My Best Friend Bosco For The Coding

Thank You

Next Release Please Check Out At My Buttom Post


And Feel Free Leave Your Comment There

Thank You

If You Want To Removed The CopyRight Please Pm Me At vBulletin.org

Thank You

By The Way If You Are Using 3.6x Or 3.7x

Please When You Upload The XML File Please Ignore The Style Version

Then It Will Work

If You Are Using 3.5x Then Ignore The Above Part

codershark 28 Mar 2008 18:51

Screenshot or Demo ?

Shawn Yue 29 Mar 2008 07:56

In The Beta Version

Shawn Yue 29 Mar 2008 07:56

You need To Click Installed To Recevied My beta Full Release It Is Coming Tommrow....

G0F0RBR0KE 29 Mar 2008 15:39

Shawn Yue,

We appreciate that you're offering your skin. However, if you're planning to release anything. We suggest you provide a demo before we start downloading and/or clicking the 'install' button.

Also, please don't check the DB Changes, Uses Plugins, Template Edits, Auto-Template Code Changes Additional Files, External Content, because it doesn't uses what you're providing.

Please don't double post just to say 'click this, do that, etc.'

Shawn Yue 15 Apr 2008 01:40

I Will Do It On My NEXT Updates Here Please Click On Installed

Thank You

joopster 15 Apr 2008 18:43


nighthalk 15 Apr 2008 21:25


Originally Posted by Shawn Yue (Post 1490846)
I Will Do It On My NEXT Updates Here Please Click On Installed

Thank You

Who or why would someone click installed when we cant even see what it looks like I'm wont even waste my time with it.
Wasnt you the one who was stealing styles and releasing them as your own.

Further more why would you release a style in the modifications forum?

King Kovifor 15 Apr 2008 23:31

Is this your own work? And moved to the correct forum.

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