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Urgent What is the Problem ??
by M.Iftikhar
18 Apr 2015 03:14

Hello, Vbulletin Staff & Members
I need some help.. last 2 week ago we move our site into a new server but after moving the server we have found to big issue. 1st is site is not open in PC but open in mobile phone, 2nd Email system is not working registration, password reset etc email not delivered to users. so please tell me what is the problem. our domain is hosted on Godaddy, we also changed the name server of the domain from Godaddy but site is not open on PC without using proxy while in mobile phone its working fine. Please someone tell us what is the problem.
Link is under way

ForceHSS 18 Apr 2015 03:53

works for me

TheAdminMarket 18 Apr 2015 11:33

Talking just for Email functions and unless if GoDaddy has changed their rules latelly, mail() function does not works in their servers.

So if you've any script using the PHP mail() function to send emails, simple it will fails to work.

thetechgenius 20 Apr 2015 12:57

Maybe the Name Servers still need to propagate? It can take up to 24Hrs, sometimes longer.

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