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vb 3.6.12 php version
by Pcwolfx
02 Jan 2016 20:19

hello team whats the max php version of vb3.6.12 PL12 series. and what is the best performance or it

Lynne 02 Jan 2016 20:48

I think probably PHP5.2.

Pcwolfx 03 Jan 2016 08:08

also i tried it is working with 5.3.29 thanks.

Paul M 03 Jan 2016 18:29

In theory, its 5.2.x.

If you disable all php error and warning reporting, it should run on 5.3.x

JFYI, vb.org is running on PHP 5.2.17, but is actually modified to run on 5.3.x
We are in the process of updating it to run on php 5.5.x (by upgrading to 3.6.10).

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