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Re-use an old image in VB4 CMS
by malmazan
01 Jul 2020 07:39

If you have thousands of images it is next to impossible to find an previously uploaded image in order to re-use it in a different article to the one that originally used it. You need to go though hundreds of pages.

Has anyone found a way to do thing (you know the attachment number from the article originally written, you just cannot make it an attachment in the new article.

PinkMilk 03 Jul 2020 17:44

If you know the id you can use this url in IMG bbcode tags:

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malmazan 04 Jul 2020 07:48

Yeah, i do that, but that does not provide the functionality of the native image

I did mention it to vB at the time that it would be a nightmare to re-use images, but they would not listen. Sad

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