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[DRC] - Query Counter
by Dr.CustUmz
16 Apr 2016 00:53

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[DRC] - Query Counter

If someone would like to see if this works with vB5 and let me know, that would be awesome, i dont currently have a board set up but I dont see why it wouldnt, just need it confirmed =)

Home Page:

A stylish way to display how many queries the current page is doing.

- only the admin can see it
- vb3 compatible!
...counts the number of queries.

nothing, just wanted it and threw it together really fast. Figured I'd share.

Preview:(from vb3)

If you have any ideas to add don't be shy, and share your thoughts!

- initial release

Internetcafe 23 Apr 2016 09:08

Nice & simple but useful .. kinda like the wifey thing.

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