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Simple Blue-ish Colour Palette
by phumphries
07 Feb 2011 21:20

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Hello, all.

My users rebelled when they saw the colour scheme in the vB4 Default style, and, try as I might, any styles that I generated with the Style Generator garnered comments such as "It looked good once I had blinded myself." That may be more a comment on my abilities than the utility of the Style Generator, though. :D

Since my vB3 styles and templates were no longer compatible with the vB4 suite, I tweaked 31 colours from the default template to create a more vB3-like colour scheme. This XML should work with any version of vB4, and you can easily read what I changed (although the values are only accessible to you once you have uploaded it).

Given my users' response to the 4.1.1 upgrade, I suspect that I will be maintaining this, if required, throughout the 4.x series. :p

If you are new to vB4's style management, you need to import the attached XML file in Styles & Templates > Download / Upload Styles > Import Style XML File in your Admin Control Panel. Save the XML to your computer, then browse to it to upload it. You want to Create a New Style and set its Parent Style to the vB4 Default Style. You may need to say "Yes" to Ignore Style Version, which you can safely do as I am only changing a few colours.

voglermc 09 Feb 2011 18:23


reddyink 09 Feb 2011 20:57

This is same as http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=231226
But, this is simple and bring in all the rounded edges. Excellent.

OldSchoolDSL 09 Feb 2011 23:02

Installed and loving it.

This theme / styles makes my site look like vBulletin.org

I think this is the BEST vBulltin v3 theme look a like

Well done :)

Demo: http://www.sociallyuncensored.com/fo...php?styleid=42

mitch84 10 Feb 2011 16:28

very nice, but don't work with blog, thank you

phumphries 10 Feb 2011 16:41


Originally Posted by voglermc (Post 2160615)

I captured a Front Page and Forums page using the colour palette and edited them a bit to shorten the images so that readers could get a look at the whole screen without too much repetition. I hope that they are helpful.


Originally Posted by reddyink (Post 2160668)
...this is simple and bring in all the rounded edges.

I tried the vB4 Blue style, but I really just wanted a different colour palette, not new icons and a custom look. So, I created this simple colour update, which inherits all the default styling (you can use any parent style you like, actually). Thanks for the positive feedback, though. :)


Originally Posted by OldSchoolDSL (Post 2160707)
I think this is the BEST vBulltin v3 theme look a like...

Thanks for the support! I was surprised to not be able to find one when I went looking, and I could not conquer the Style Generator's "purple" bias. :p

Anyone else looking to implement a harmonious colour palette could use this XML file as a guide to what stylevars to change, too. It is then pretty easy (hey, I managed it!) to export the "style" and post it, here.


Originally Posted by mitch84 (Post 2161012)
...don't work with blog...

I did not customize any of the blog colours, but the global palette changes are persistent (if your blog is using a style that has this modification somewhere in its "parentage"). Is there something in particular that you noticed?

PascM 15 Feb 2011 00:55

I like the colors !!!


Daky 16 Feb 2011 15:11

Does this support cms?


phumphries 16 Feb 2011 15:33


Originally Posted by Daky (Post 2163197)
Does this support cms?

The only CMS-specific colours that I changed are vbcms_article_header_color and vbcms_navwidget_header_background. However, the overall style carries through for the general colours so that your entire suite has the same look and feel.

You can open the XML and read the elements that I changed, if you do not want to install it and look through the settings for the red highlighted elements.

Daky 16 Feb 2011 20:53

Great, thanks a lot, i like this.

mayank8789 23 Feb 2011 13:22

my ver is 4.0.3 i upload this xml file then massage is show
Invalid File


how to fix this problem.

phumphries 23 Feb 2011 13:36


Originally Posted by mayank8789 (Post 2165752)
Invalid File Specified

I would try two things:
  1. Download a fresh copy, and
  2. Rename the file so that it has no spaces.
When you say that you uploaded it, do you mean through the Admin Control Panel, as described in my instructions?

It is possible that there is a difference between v4.0.3 and v4.1.1 of which I am not aware that would make the XML invalid, but it seems unlikely since I am just changing some colours that should be present in all 4.x.x versions.

dustmade 24 Feb 2011 17:03

So is it that we can't have the squared corners anymore with vB4?

And is it unchangeable that we have to have the log-in at the very top.

If so, what a shame. Till Windows 7, we could always get that classic squared image look on XP...and now vB4 has apparently done a "bill gates" on us. We're forced to the shadowy, rounded edges look.

phumphries 24 Feb 2011 17:23

If you want squared corners, the vB4 Blue skin has them (you will have to upload all the graphics, but it is well organized).

As for the login, you can modify the template to put it wherever you like. :)

FractalizeR 04 Oct 2011 14:10

Does this still work for latest VB versions after a year?

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