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NHN - Indented .PNG Button Set
by PapaSmurf
31 Jul 2007 13:34

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PapaSmurf 31 Jul 2007 13:34

If you want a quick easy way to use these buttons then i recommend the No More GIF's mod. Otherwise you will have to edit each template or file applicable, which is beyond my scope (and im too lazy).

If anyone would like to find each edit for me, i will be happy to include it in the mod.


Luky 03 Aug 2007 11:20

Or you could open the images up in photoshop, put a new layer and set it to be at the back and use the colour or your page background and save as gif. Vualla?

PapaSmurf 04 Aug 2007 02:08

Yeah that would probally be the easier option.

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