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adding custom pages
by Kyle55155
26 Jun 2010 02:24

I've added a number of custom pages my present install as well as 2 prior installs. I have added them using the plugin technique where the body content and the head content get populated via custom plugins. Nothing special about how I am adding these pages. They are running custom PHP code.

The behavior I am seeing goes something like this: I am able to create a few pages and they work fine. Then for no discernible reason I start having problems. Either the newly created page won't open, or I get goofy errors. Then after a period time the errors go away and my additional pages start to work after not making any additional changes.

I am wondering if there is some backend vbulletin database processes that could be causing this behavior. This happened with my 4.03 and 4.04 installs.

I see a scheduled task call hourly cleanup. Not sure if making changes while this is running is causing me any issues.

Anybody else seen behavior like this?

ChopSuey 28 Jun 2010 12:44

Could be due to what templates your calling that are being edited and the custom template itself being edited......OR the php is edited.

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