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MrD 12 Jul 2012 12:09

@Pitch: put the new version of PT, the Tabs and other Navigation automatic in the Navmanager?
Or is it a "Quick and Dirty" implement with he navbar_end Hook?

I asked, if the navmanager is used, the Admin habve a lot of configuration. (Display Order, Tab Active or if Andreas Navmanager Addon is installed, the Usergroup Permissions)

persianpros 15 Jul 2012 07:11

delay again :(

metalguy639 20 Jul 2012 21:24

Is there going to be a fix for this navbar issue. I really need to use this for my site and just adding a link to the navi9gational manager sucks.

MrD 21 Jul 2012 09:08

The fix comes with 2.2.0 :)
But you can do it Self.
Disable the Plugin wit is for the navtab. And then put the links in the navmanager.

Works Fine

persianpros 22 Jul 2012 06:41

but if you don't have needed skills don't use svn releases

MrD 22 Jul 2012 07:43

The 2.1.3 Works Fine in 4.2 with manually navbar entrys

KGodel 22 Jul 2012 23:04

Can't wait for the update!

metalguy639 23 Jul 2012 18:16

Er ok some did not read what I said...lol

So I'm guessing that 2.20 is not out yet?

persianpros 24 Jul 2012 15:39

not yet

delay and delay and delay ...

metalguy639 24 Jul 2012 22:01


Originally Posted by artman_hacker (Post 2351061)
not yet

delay and delay and delay ...

ok thanks :(

persianpros 29 Jul 2012 22:47

how much longer we should wait ?

metalguy639 02 Aug 2012 01:28

Anyone know how to get the navtab to be highlighted when you add the other PT links in the navigational manager? I have a plugin from another member for the cms but the link do not have nodeid's on them for the project tools areas.

PitchouneN64ngc 02 Aug 2012 16:54

The release will be update very soon. All opened bugs for 2.2.0 are marked as fixed and nothing were reported since some weeks.

r00028304 02 Aug 2012 19:28

How do i rename the title of the navbar rather than "Projects"

metalguy639 06 Aug 2012 13:20


Originally Posted by r00028304 (Post 2353754)
How do i rename the title of the navbar rather than "Projects"

Go to your admincp and login then go to:

Languages & Phrases>Search in Phrases>

IN the "Search for Text" field put the text "Projects" without the quotes in the box, then in the drop down labeled "Product" choose "vBulletin Project Tools". Then tick the "Phrase Text and Phrase Variable Name" box and click the "Find" button. Look for the heading "GLOBAL Phrases Containing 'Projects'", then under than find "projects" to the far left in bold print and follow it across to the edit button, click it and put what you want the tab to say in the box and click save. This is if you have disabled the plugin for the tab. If you are running vb4.2+ then you may be able to edit it in the Navigational Manager found close to the top on your left hand side sidebar when you login to the admincp.

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