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[vbA cmps] [Unmodified] PHGStats ProjectvB
by nitro
21 Jun 2006 00:40

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Made and Tested in vb 3.5.4 with vbA 2.0.1

This project was inspired by the hack here and retains the stance no modifications to any phgstats files what so ever is what makes it totally different.

This way when theres a update for either vb or phgstats unless theres some major change in either product its unlikely an update of one would affect the other.

Templates: 0 at the moment may move some stuff to templates later.
Phrases: 0 again may add some
Files: 1 to upload plus the phgststats program
Plugins: 0
File edits: 0
DB Queries: 0
Template edits: optional to add a link to the page in your header or navbar or where ever else you may want one.

Q. Does it integrate with the vbulletin style
A. Yes it works out the box with most of the styles I have tested it with. The only style that went slightly wierd was an old style that has not yet been updated to vb 3.5.4

Q. Can servers be added bia admincp
A. Yes you can now add game server direct from cp by getting the cpnav addon attached in the vbulletin thread and following this post to add an empty product to enable the cpnav for it.

Q. will it ever be out of beta stage
A. maybe, maybe not.

Q. Can contributions be made to the project
A. Sure under the terms of the credits is fine. Contributions will not be accepted if they involve modifying any phgstats files.

Beta, recomended to test first and only install live if your happy with the results.

There is a vBulletin version, a vbPortal version done, a Logicians Web Templates version, and here is vbAdvanced cms finally. They will all run stand alone from each other meaning you wont need to install this one for a CMS/CMPS version to work.

For those who dont know, what does this do ?

PHGStats will poll several types of gameservers and teamspeak 2 servers for data.

Currently supported game servers by PHGStats 0.68b:
  • * - American's Army (aa)
  • * - Armagetronad (atron)
  • * - Battlefield 1942 (bf)
  • * - Battlefield Vietnam (bfv)
  • * - Battlefield 2 (bf2)
  • * - Call of Duty (cod)
  • * - Call of Duty 2 (cod2)
  • * - Doom 3 (d3)
  • * - Enemy Territory (et)
  • * - FEAR (fear)
  • * - HALO (halo) (new)
  • * - Half-Life / CS OLD (hl_old)
  • * - Half-Life / CS (hl)
  • * - Half-Life 2 / CS:S (hl2)
  • * - Medal of Honor (mohaa)
  • * - Painkiller (pk)
  • * - Red Orchestra (ro) (new)
  • * - Return to Castle Wolfenstein (rtcw)
  • * - Rune (rune)
  • * - Soldier of Fortune 2 (sof2)
  • * - SWAT4 (swat)
  • * - Teamspeak (ts) (new)
  • * - Unreal Tournament (ut)
  • * - Unreal Torunament 2003 (ut2003)
  • * - Unreal Tournament 2004 (ut2004)
  • * - Quakeworld (qw)
  • * - Quake 1 (q1)
  • * - Quake 2 (q2)
  • * - Quake 3 (q3)
  • * - Quake 4 (q4)
  • * - Warsow (warsow) (new)

Get PHGStats
Upload the phgstats directory to your forum root and run its installer. No db is required for this.
Verify its polling your server(s) and displaying out put. (you are able to load the phgstats directly for this)
In vbA admin panel-> default settings-> add option variable:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

Why does the above variable not exist by default when this is rarely kept as is or have I missed this somewhere ? oh well there you go. If you dont want to add this option variable you can allways edit the file and replace the variable with your vbA's index filename.

Upload the attached file to your vbA modules directory and do the usuall adding in vbA admin.
Add a link to the page in your prefered template/location. (optional)

I am not offering any official support as its beta but I am usually around so I may be able to answer further questions.

A vbPortal version can be seen here

Known Issues:

No response from servers:
(a) Is the host/ip correct, if using a hostname try the IP instead.
(b) Your webhosting is blocking outgoing connections, you can ask them to open the ones you need, most reasonable hosts will do so altho they may ask you for the specific rules you want setting.

Note: I have elected to only release the module version, the instructions to add vbA pages is just not worth it. If theres sufficient demand I may let it go but it wowuld be without any adding page instructions or support whatsoever.

Note: Its late and I may have missed something when writing this out, at least I got it up before I forgot it existed. :D

Ski-Whiz 21 Jun 2006 01:14

My first, first post.. LOL

This is pretty cool! I'll check it out when I get back home. :D

GrendelKhan{TSU 28 Jun 2006 04:40

me too me too!! :D

Oap JTRipper 01 Jul 2006 13:09

problem with vba module

on the server page i have the links to the servers but when clicked i get a 404

the links go to

& the refresh goes to

notice no index

nitro 01 Jul 2006 13:29

Minor error in the first post. It was made in vbA CMPS 2.1.0 not 2.0.1 nothing major there but I cant say whether it will work in the older versiona of vbA

@Oap JTRipper. Are you running vba 2.1.0 or later ? Did you create the vbA extra option as detailed ? In vbA admin panel-> default settings-> add option variable:
Note the default setting for this is as per the default packaged vba index filename, (cmps_index), you would need to make this whatever you named your vba's index file without the .php.

Oap JTRipper 01 Jul 2006 14:37

ah right im on 2.2.0 on a test forum running 3.6

yep did the extra options & changed it to match my vba homepage

nitro 01 Jul 2006 18:21

Should be fine in 2.2.0 on 3.6. When you hover over the variable title in admincp what appears in the title/alt text box ?

Oap JTRipper 02 Jul 2006 01:32

sorry u lost me now


variable title
where ?

nitro 02 Jul 2006 08:16

For the one you made for the vba index file vba cmps-> default settings and hover of the var title in the main listing not in its edit box.

It should come up $vba_options[indexfile] in the alt text type box when you hover. Whats between the [] is the variable name.

Oap JTRipper 02 Jul 2006 11:48

i dont see that anywhere

when you say add In vbA admin panel-> default settings-> add option variable

I hope you mean Portal Output Global Variables

cos that the only option i have

nitro 02 Jul 2006 17:04

Nope its not a portal output global. If you look at the header to that table of settings its named "options" and you should have a link to the right "add setting"

And this is where you make a new option variables. I did it that way so you can do it without editing the file to enter your cmps index filename. You can allways edit the file if you wish instead as stated below the code block for this setting in the first post. This variable should be a default variable in vba, I fail to understand why it doesnt exist, lets face it how many retain the filename cmps_index.php, however it doesnt exist so has to be added, at least you can add one, but when this var is 3rd party made its non standardised, I instruct this one is made, someone else says make one called cmpsindex for another module and so on, or the other option is you edit the file. :)

Oap JTRipper 02 Jul 2006 17:48

2 Attachment(s)
nope dont have that

nitro 02 Jul 2006 19:14

2 Attachment(s)
Somethings not right with your vbA. The screens here is a clean install nothing in there but vbportal and vbulletin, just added vbA CMPS to it.

The reason your getting forums/.php is because the options array exists but not the custom variable itself. Dunno how you can fix that, your install of vbA must be bad or out of date if vbA didnt have these options at some time, cant remeber v1.x my encounter with that was so breif. Easiest way imo but not the right way would be just edit the file and change the variable option to your index filename there.

Oap JTRipper 03 Jul 2006 19:13

thats wierd

im gonna post on the vba forums with alink to this

GrendelKhan{TSU 04 Jul 2006 05:42


got some server updates to deal with first... but his is sooooooo on the list.

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