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Forumdisplay muti-page
by testebr
29 Nov 2007 11:37

I intend to add one section in my board with ~1500 subforums, but if I open it in browser maybe can crash.

Exists any mod or solution to do my forumdisplay page with pagination of sub-forums?


Marco van Herwaarden 29 Nov 2007 11:44

Using 1.500 forums will mean that you need a LOT of memory in your server. Also, expecially if you have enabled forum Jump menu, it will make your pagesize extreme large.

There is no real simple solution for this with vB 3.x.

testebr 30 Nov 2007 01:42

Ow shit, now I will place in recycle bin my project to add one board section to each game.

:( Any good idea for alternative?

Chris M 30 Nov 2007 01:52

I am unsure of what your project is meant to achieve but perhaps you could use less sub-forums, and then for breaking things down even further you could use Thread prefixes?


Lynne 30 Nov 2007 03:18

Or maybe use some category hack to help break the games up that way. 1500 is a LOT of forums to have, especially all under one main forum.

testebr 30 Nov 2007 07:44

Imagine the gamespot.com website, one forum to each game... understand? This is my situation.

--------------- Added 01 Dec 2007 at 06:25 ---------------

Guys, I found the solution.

Just make the main category hidden.


Forum is Active
(Will not appear if set to no, but remains accessible if the forum's URL is known) to YES
Not show in forum Jump menu or search page.

Done? can I still have problems?

ps: the main category I will block access by custom plugin.


testebr 01 Dec 2007 15:35

I hate this auto-merged topic because always post mine are forgotten.

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