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how to change defult settings in cms
by huskermax
25 Feb 2013 15:53

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Can I set the settings to all yes in the below screen shot in CMS?

.org told me to come here and ask how to do it.


Originally Posted by AliMadkour;n3945304
Hello, You'll need to edit vbcms_edit_publisher template and replace checked="checked" value as you need, I'd suggest start your topic in www.vbulletin.org forum and you'll find more about that,

I found the "checked="checked" code in the above template. But when I look at fire bug I see the no radio button have the "checked" code and the yes radio button not have it. But when I look at the code in the template in admin both have the "checked" code. What do I need to change to get them to always say "Yes"?

I can't figure it out.:confused:

Gamelobby 12 Feb 2016 21:43

Not sure this was posted in the right place in the first place, but I would love to know how to create default settings, & not have to change them every single time as well. :)

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