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Transmission Timeout (3.8752 sec)
by tarball
13 May 2008 00:02

Sometimes, we cannot submit scores.

We are getting there error message : Transmission Timeout (3.8752 sec)

Lastest version installed.

Gemma 13 May 2008 00:20

There is a setting in the Main Settings where you can increase the server timeout for score submissions, the default is 3 seconds.

MrZeropage 13 May 2008 20:21

yes, using ibProArcade v2.6.7+ you can increase this value, for example on slow servers... this is to make cheating harder by using small values here

tarball 14 May 2008 02:35

Thank you guys!

Sworm 01 Jun 2008 17:31

Hi all,
where is the system Variable that can influence the Server Timeout?

I need to fix it because my server is more slow than the 127 seconds of the maximum allowed from the main settings of arcade.

But it is a problem, after an hacker attack, before running without problems.

MrZeropage 02 Jun 2008 22:12

the server is the problem, the arcade just does not acceppt scores that take that long.

We talked about it on MSN, Sworm, your server at all is very slow ...

Zacarias 23 Jun 2008 22:54

Ah, thanks for this :)

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