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Personal Notepad for 3.7
by antialiasis
07 Jun 2008 18:56

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Basically the Personal Notepad hack for 3.6 with a security token to make it work for 3.7 and a couple of additions.

This hack will add a personal notepad for your members - a feature you may know from for example Invision Power Board, and which existed for vBulletin 2 as vBPad. For short, members will be able to edit the content of their notepad as they want, storing in it whatever they might feel like.

1 product to install


- A notepad in members' main user CP area where they can type in whatever notes they may want to take down and save them
- Notepad can be resized
- Javascript for allowing users to see when they have exceeded the character limit
- Admin CP options (turn on/off, maximum input length, liquid/fixed width, width of fixed-width notepad, usergroups allowed to use notepad, notepad location)
- No manual template edits
- Fully phrased for easy translation


1. Import product-personal_notepad.xml through the Admin CP.
2. Edit the Personal Notepad options in the vBulletin options if desired. (It is automatically turned on upon installation, so if you want to start using it right away without worrying about the options, you can.)
3. If desired, edit the default message that appears for members who have not put anything into their personal notepads - search for the phrase personal_notepad_explanation in the Admin CP and edit the language of your choice.
4. There is no 4. You're done. Go inform your members of the addition.


4.1: Fixed a bug that caused the notepad to be resized horizontally as well as vertically, potentially stretching the page.
4.0: Added notepad location option in the Admin CP and a default message for members who have not yet edited their personal notepads. Fixed compatibility with 3.7.
3.1: Saved space in liquid-width notepad by putting character counter and textbox size changers in the same line, phrased some stuff that was forgotten and added usergroup limitations in the admin options.
3.0: Tweaks for fitting better with the look of vBulletin, cached template, Javascript counter for character limit, made notepad collapsible, added version history.
2.0: Ported to 3.6, added resizing function and admin CP options.
1.0: Initial release.

Kaleem 07 Jun 2008 19:38

The old one is working fine do we have to update?

taxick 07 Jun 2008 19:57

It dont work! If i try to add a note i get this error

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

I use version 3.7.1

antialiasis 07 Jun 2008 20:07

Oops, I made a mistake with the template and uploaded an XML file with the old one.

Download the new zip and install that one instead. Sorry about that.

Subah 07 Jun 2008 22:13


Can we have it as a Tab in our Userprofile and not on a own vB-Site?

Any maybe a Link at the QuickLinks.
Thanks a lot great hack :)

Boofo 07 Jun 2008 23:22

Thanks for the update. I would like to suggest that when the box gets resized that it only gets resized vertically and not horizontally (Like IP.Board does) as it messes up the skin layout. Is there any way to fix that to do it that way?

Brandon Sheley 07 Jun 2008 23:48

I like the idea, I'm always using a notepad to save a quick piece of code or something.
I'll keep an eye on it, maybe install later :)

crkgb 08 Jun 2008 01:57

Categories would be nice...

Jeordie015 08 Jun 2008 06:01

I'm getting the security token error. I have the latest file.

twitch 08 Jun 2008 07:25

this is awesome, thanks

schlottkej 08 Jun 2008 09:03

crkgb.. I agree :)

taxick 08 Jun 2008 10:50


Originally Posted by antialiasis (Post 1543368)
Oops, I made a mistake with the template and uploaded an XML file with the old one.

Download the new zip and install that one instead. Sorry about that.

It works now!

Thx - Mod Installed!

shofolofo 08 Jun 2008 12:06

Do it have a save draft option ?
or when you close the page everything is lost ..

Good job btw

BigDog56 08 Jun 2008 14:39

Very nice! Thank You!

Amiga Harrison 17 Jun 2008 22:11

Great Work. I just realised I was still using the very old 3.5 version and with the recent update to vB3.7 it had stopped working. Just uninstalled and upgraded to this new version and it is working perfectly again. :)

BTW, is there any way to retain notepad text between versions? None of the members of my board had much of importance stored, but I expect some others do have and wish to retain it.

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