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CMS as home page.
by HellRZR
06 Jun 2011 18:36


This has made me get older much faster! I see more grey hair due to this and I need some help as surely someone has figured this out.

This is what I want to accomplish :

www.mywebsite.com = CMS
www.mywebsite.com/forums = forums

I have tired the instructions here:


I have copied the CMS folder in my forums root directory
I have done the changes in Settings → Options → Site Name / URL / Contact Details.

And it does not work!

I think I am not doing the correct changes in the Settings → Options → Site Name / URL / Contact Details.

Can someone please help me...

Lynne 06 Jun 2011 22:44

How about a link to the actual pages so we can see what is happening.

HellRZR 07 Jun 2011 01:30

Hi Lynne, thanks for the reply, I got it worked out.

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