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Review please - Ignorance Denied
by smirkley
24 Dec 2015 07:46


Looking forward to your thoughts.

Thank you.

Dave 24 Dec 2015 12:00

- Too many bright colors used in my opinion, bright colors on a dark background is kind of a nono to me.
- I personally dislike transparent backgrounds, makes it harder to read text.
- The box shadow around the blocks is kind of off-putting.

I think a lot of improvements can be made, mostly regarding the color scheme that is being used.

smirkley 24 Dec 2015 12:35

Thanks Dave.

I am gathering plans for a 2016 rebuild. You comment is appreciated.

Gio~Logist 16 Jan 2016 18:53

I agree 100000000% with the use of colors. It's pretty much impossible to read the content. You're essentially scaring users off.

I do really like the set up of your forum list though, good job there. Your homepage also isn't that bad for a landing. Although it can use some more text and photos perhaps. I would take your homepage and forum list structure and scrap the rest design wise for 2016 and i'm sure you'll do great ;)

setishock 17 Jan 2016 13:47

I've always found that burnt orange on black is hard on the eyes. The contrast is too bold. Otherwise I do like the layout.

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