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Forum Leaders & Usergroups...
by nando99
26 Sep 2012 02:38

Is there anyway to NOT show the Administrator usergroup on the forum leaders page... I already edited the usergroup and set "Viewable on Show Groups" to NO...

--------------- Added 26 Sep 2012 at 02:39 ---------------

Actually... all of the usergroups i set to NO are still showing wtf lol what would cause that?

Killer Squirrel 28 Sep 2012 10:13

I am having a similar issue. I dont want the Moderators to show up and they are. I mean not the moderators user group I mean just any forum moderator. I have no idea why they are showing up and I have 2 other user groups that are set to not show up and they are too.

What I would like to stop is the moderators of forums to stop showing up.

Lynne 28 Sep 2012 16:31

Check the caching for the page in AdminCP > Settings > Options > Server Settings > Forum Leaders Cache and Disable Content Caching

nando99 28 Sep 2012 22:10

got it, thanks!

Killer Squirrel 01 Oct 2012 08:52


I have a question, does anyone know how to get Moderators off that list? Not the usergroup the moderators of forums?

Lynne 01 Oct 2012 16:28

AdminCP > Settings > Options > General Settings > Enable Forum Leaders > Yes, but disable moderators

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