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IRC announce bot for 3.8.x
by sKippah
03 Apr 2009 11:10

Hello to everybody.
Well, hope u will understand my quit bad english...
What im looking for is a hack that "posts" new posts and/or threads (maybe with posters name) in an IRC channel on a specific Server.
I would like to adjust wich threads or posts the bot should post in the chan.

Maybe someone already got a hack for vB 3.8 and maybe will share it. maybe some helpful Hand will code it. i think there are a few ppl here looking forward to a hack like this
Thanks a lot for helping

Kind regards

nate benton 10 Apr 2009 05:57

I too wouldn't mind seeing this, as my community also has it's OWN IRC server, and the community is kinda split like this:

1.) People who just visit the forums.
2.) People who just visit the IRC but like to hear up on forum news (where the bot could be useful).

BBR-APBT 10 Apr 2009 06:10

could you not use a eggdrop to read the rss file and post that to the chat room.

Check here and search RSS it should be the top result to do what you are looking for.

jesus likes pie 10 Apr 2009 21:02

This seems more like an eggdrop mod than a vbulletin mod.

sKippah 28 Sep 2009 14:10

well u nee to things, an eggdrop and some php. and yes, u copuld read the rss feed buts not that what i am looking for. the bot should post the topic with time and date and replys, maybe also new registrations. there is are some similiar bots for other board Software

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