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SOMEONE please be kind enough to help - USERCP question
by toolblast
16 Sep 2006 22:14

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Hi Coders

Hopefully a vb coder will be kind enough to take a minute of their time to help me out here. Everyone I've asked have been to busy to listen, so hopefully by posting it as a thread someone might be able to give me some insight.

VBulletin's USERCP system, by default, when the user logs in and goes to their USERCP, it simply loads up the 'thread subscriptions' page.

For brand new users to my site, on their first visit to their usercp... they see a "There are no subscribed threads to display in this folder for this time period." message. Nothing else, just that message and blank space.

=I'd like to make my usercp homepage a lot more welcoming and inviting, showing the user links to other sections of my site, stuff like that.

The request:
Can a coder please explain to me how I would go about setting up a custom templated page that would load up when the user visits 'usercp.php'. The page would look like this:
[see attached screenshot]

I believe it would end up using the 'USERCP_SHELL' to load the usercp navigation and stuff... and then load my custom template, called "USERCP_HOME" for example... on the right side.

Can anyone please show me how to set this up?


peterska2 16 Sep 2006 23:53

just simply edit the template USERCP as that is the first template loaded on entry to the usercp. The other pages in there are all controlled by different individual templates, so you don't need to worry about them.

SuperFly 17 Sep 2006 00:42

I rewrote it, if you want you can try it, links in my sig.

toolblast 17 Sep 2006 01:30


Thanks man, silly me I didn't even think to look in the 'usercp' template. It seems to be what I was looking for all along ;)


Thanks Superfly, your rewrite is nice, but not exactly what I'm looking for. I want to try and stay away from myspace as much as I can lol.

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