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please help me with the nav bar
by xixxon
18 Mar 2008 04:43

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Im making my very first style and i got stuck.
Can someone tell me is this area called nav bar? and where and i change its color?
thanks a lot

Jase2 18 Mar 2008 14:13

Yes, that is the 'navbar'. Go to:

ACP --> Styles & Templates --> Style Manager --> All Style Options (GO)

From there, you can change the body, boarder ect. colours. Just experiement!

Regards Jason :)

Lynne 18 Mar 2008 16:22

These pages in the manual should help:


Color Map Reference The following pages are designed as a reference to help with the styling of your own boards.

The color maps show the how CSS and StyleVars are used in the example templates.
Links from this section:
Forum Home Template
Navbar Template
New Thread Template
Thread Template
User Control Panel Template
What's Going On Template
Forum Display Template

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