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Set Logo Per Forum
by peterska2
06 Jan 2007 18:46

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This little template modification allows the inclusion of a logo to be used in the header on a per forum basis. It isn't a particulary elegant solution, but it works as written on 2.3.10 and therefore should work on any 2.3.x release.

There are no screenshots, and no demo board is available.

What it does do is replaces the normal forum logo with a different logo for each forum.

There are a couple of limitations as follows
* each forum requires a logo to be created for it. However, you can reuse a logo by saving it multiple times with different file names.
* if you have multiple styles you will need to upload the images for the logos to each style (could be worked around, but I haven't looked for a solution)

Please remember to mark this as installed if you are using it. Support is limited, but I will provide it where possible.

FunaGuy 06 Jan 2007 21:26

Seems Useful ;)
thnX !!

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