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maximum SQL size
by fengwu83
08 Jun 2011 16:25


I'm planning to move from phpbb to vbulletin forum with a forum that i recently bought.
The sql file size of the forum is 9.5GB!! Would this cause a problem with vbulletin?

Thanks for the information and time.

Lynne 08 Jun 2011 16:29

I have heard of larger databases. It that in addition to a huge directory of attachments/images or are all the images stored in the database? The fun is going to be importing that database. :)

fengwu83 08 Jun 2011 16:45

prolly all the images etc are store in the db, thats why its soooooo huge...
importing it would be a real challenge yea... prolly need to break it into pieces...

hope that converting it from phpbb to vbul wont bring any complications...

Disasterpiece 08 Jun 2011 18:20

extract all the data fron the database into the file system before thinking about importing the sql file.

This spares you a lot of headaches, believe me.

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