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Extra Admin CP Addons 1.0
by g-force2k2
11 Mar 2002 05:52

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Well here's my first hack and a rather simple one =)

Not much involved in setting up the hack but it is my first and i think that its a good hack to have on any board

Its been tested on the 2.2.4 and 2.2.1 versions and should work on all the 2.2 versions but to work on the earlier version such as the 2.0.3 coding needs to be changed.

Either way please enjoy its features are explained in the attachment... basically it just adds more admin cp options =D


Vivi Ornitier 11 Mar 2002 05:59

I'm not sure about this, but i don' tthink this is a hack. It's just adding options in the admin/index.php file that do nothing to edit the forums whatsoever. I may be wrong . .

TECK 11 Mar 2002 06:08

vivi, you are correct. this is not a hack. a hack involves editing of the php code (queries, arrays, etc). gforce2001, in the future, place this kind of mods into the General Discussions with a thread opener like: "add more links to your admin panel". the title you chosed: "Extra Admin CP Addons 1.0", is totally unapropriate, you didnt add any hacked addon in there.


lifesourcerec 11 Mar 2002 08:04

Actually, if any file is modified, it is a hack.

Scrub 11 Mar 2002 08:06

Actually, a hack involves editing of one or more PHP files. Like it or not, this is a hack. :)

Scrub 11 Mar 2002 08:07

Ack! life beat me to it! :p. Good hack too. Forgot to add that in me last message! :)

E 11 Mar 2002 08:53

I like it./.. makes things easier and easy too install... thanks!

Recluse 11 Mar 2002 09:34

hack or not, i liked it

E 11 Mar 2002 09:35

Word!... it was nice and helpful....,.

fonzerelli_79 11 Mar 2002 15:14

im not sure if this classifies as a hack or not but i did think that it is a useful addition to the admin control panel

Remi 11 Mar 2002 15:28

Very useful, Thanks gforce2001 https://www.vbulletin.org/forum/external/2011/01/19.gif

Reeve of shinra 11 Mar 2002 15:29

what does it add?

Austin Dea 11 Mar 2002 16:08


Originally posted by nakkid
vivi, you are correct. this is not a hack. a hack involves editing of the php code (queries, arrays, etc)...

open file admin/index.php


makenavselect("Statistics & Logs","<hr>",$df);

Under that add:

// ***
makenavoption("Viewing Main Forum","../index.php?=","<br>");
makenavoption("Viewing Users Online","../online.php?=","<br>");
makenavoption("Viewing PMs","../private.php?=","<br>");
makenavoption("Viewing Memberlist","../memberlist.php?=","<br>");
makenavselect("Forum Viewing Options","<hr>");

save and reupload it into the admin folder and thats all enjoy...
looks like editing the php code to me =P


Originally posted by Reeve of shinra
what does it add?
Click the attachment doofus :tired:

Sigon 11 Mar 2002 16:08

This is quite nice. I like it a lot man. Nice work

Floris 11 Mar 2002 16:50

Stop complaining people, be glad he was willing to share it. Gosh. All this ranting on about things doesn't do anybody no good.

It is an alternation, modification of any code, being PHP file, template, whatever, which makes it qualify as a hack. I seriously do not see the problem.

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