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A Big Welcome to MarkFL
by Lynne
11 Dec 2015 17:57

We are very please to say that MarkFL has agreed to help us out as an Advisor. I'm sure many of you have already had the pleasure of his help. He not only knows vBulletin, but he is very helpful at coding.

So, please give MarkFL a big Welcome!

Max Taxable 11 Dec 2015 18:11


MarkFL 11 Dec 2015 19:31

I am quite honored to have been invited by the senior staff to join the team here at vBorg! :)

I have found participating here to be most beneficial in my quest to learn vBulletin coding in an effort to be an effective administrator. I have also found many products uploaded here to be very useful at the site I help admin, and I enjoy trying to give back in some way by uploading my own products.

I look forward with eager anticipation to continuing my coding education surrounded by such helpful and knowledgeable people that contribute here. :D

Replicant 11 Dec 2015 21:30

Way to go Mark. Congrats.

ArcadeSyndicate 11 Dec 2015 22:07

congratulations, mark :)

mitch84 12 Dec 2015 04:17

Congratulations !

socialteenz 12 Dec 2015 05:53

Well deserved one Mark :)

napy8gen 12 Dec 2015 07:17

Welcome Mark, they should appoint more advisors and moderators, make this site busy, since vb5 will be getting hook back next version. Replicant is one of them a very good candidate.

Dave 12 Dec 2015 07:53

Congratulations Mark! :)

Alan_SP 12 Dec 2015 10:02

Great. :up:

Manoel Júnior 12 Dec 2015 12:32

Congrats Mark!!! Huhulll

tareqbd 12 Dec 2015 14:19

Congrats Mark!!!

alcazarx 12 Dec 2015 15:34


Seven Skins 12 Dec 2015 17:07

Congratulations Mark

webmastersun 12 Dec 2015 18:19

Congratulations Mark!

A friendly coder is coming :D

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