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Usergroup badge
by Panzer Max
09 Feb 2013 03:34

Ok, so we use the vB Paid Subscription feature and this upgrades people to different usergroups, where they can see additional forums. Several people are asking, could be add something to the postbit legacy section that will display an icon for their usergroup.
It would appear under the Posts: 6 line.

Is there a mod that can do this? We are using Yet Another Awards mod, which is nice for simple awards, but has no usergroup tie in.

If there is no mod for this, what would be involved in making one? Would we need to add a field to the usergroup table that designates the icon related to that usergroup? And then some callout in the postbit that pulls in the icon?

Digital Jedi 09 Feb 2013 06:13

You can do this in the User Ranks Manager in the Admin CP. You can then move around the $post[rank] variable, if you don't like where it shows up in the postbit_legacy template.

Panzer Max 09 Feb 2013 13:39

Well, thank you, another feature of vB that I was completely ignorant of! :eek:

That looks like it does eveything we need. I added a User Rank for a certain usergroup, post count 1 or more, Display Type = Always ( to apply to members with usergroup as primary or additional).

Thank you!

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