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Flashchat 5: Who is chatting (Blog Add On)
by Mosh
26 Oct 2008 09:17

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Please click Mark as Installed if you are using this hack.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This hack has now been discontinued - this means that while it will remain available for download and use, there will be no further updates as this thread is no longer monitored. I am also not interested in doing paid work requests to update this hack at all.

IMPORTANT NOTICE 2: This hack only works with FlashChat 5 and later versions, and will not work with FlashChat 4.7.x.
There is version of this hack that will work with FlashChat 4.7.12, and can be downloaded here.

What Does This Hack Do?

This is an add-on/enhancement to my Flashchat: Who is chatting (Add On) hack for vBulletin's Blog.

What hacks need installing before installing this hack?
These hacks need to be installed in this order and working correctly, for this hack to work.
  1. vBulletin's Blog v1.0.5 or v2.0.0
  2. Tufat's FlashChat v5.x.x
  3. Paul M's Flashchat 5 Integration for vB 3.8 v3.8.002
  4. Paul M's Members who are chatting in Flashchat 5 v3.8.002
  5. Mosh's Flashchat 5: Who is chatting (Add On) v3.8.004
  6. Then install this hack.

This does not change the functionality of Paul M's hack, this is just an enhancement to your installed version of Flashchat: Who is chatting.

The members on my forum requested that the Members currently using Flashchat box be moved to the top of the forums as it was a long way to scroll down to see who was chatting, at the top members could see who was chatting.

As members had to enter the chat or visit the forum homepage again to see who was chatting, I fixed it so that my members could also see who was chatting as they browsed the various forums and threads as well as on the who is online pages.

Paul M's has kindly given me permission to use some of his code in my Who is chatting add-on hacks.

Thank you Paul, for all your work on the Flashchat integration, it makes all our lives easier :)

What You Get
  1. It displays the chat list under the navbar in the following locations:
    • Blog
    • Blog UserCP
    • Blog Subscriptions
    • Blog Search
  2. The list view is collapsible, so you see just the number.
  3. Users who should display as coloured or bold etc are displayed correctly (based on the display usergroup)
  4. If you 'hover' over a username it will show the room they are chatting in and their status (away etc).
  5. If the chat is empty, a simple "No one is currently using the chat." message is displayed.
  6. Display the Most Ever chatters if enabled.
  7. The ability to select which locations this hack is displayed (independent of Paul M's hack).
Note: This hack cannot display any bots in the chat, due to the strange way that FlashChat stores this information.

vBulletin Version Compatibility

This hack can only be used with v3.8.0 and later versions.

NOTE: I will not be upgrading this hack to vBulletin v4.0.x.

Install/Uninstall Instructions

The InstallInstructions.txt instructions file is included in attached .zip file.


Show in this order:
  • Who is Chatting box
  • Usergroup permissions

Version History

v3.8.003 - Friday 20th February 2009
-- Final v3.8.x Release
-- Changed: Installation instructions (now has uninstall instructions)
-- Added: VersionHistory.txt

v3.8.002 - Tuesday 25th November 2008
-- Changed: Usergroup permissions code in all plugins
-- Changed: Installation Instructions
-- Changed: Screenshots
-- Removed: 4 AdminCP Options (no longer needed, now set via usergroup permissions)
-- Added: 4 Phrases
-- Added: 1 bitfield file

v3.8.001 - Sunday 26th October 2008
-- Initial vBulletin v3.8.x Release

Show Your Appreciation

Although not required, if you have enjoyed the benefits of this hack, and would like show your appreciation for my efforts, then please feel free to click on the Support Developer link and donate any amount you feel is appropriate.

Mosh 25 Nov 2008 02:49

Update: v3.8.002
-- Changed: Usergroup permissions code in all plugins
-- Changed: Installation Instructions
-- Changed: Screenshots
-- Removed: 4 AdminCP Options (no longer needed, now set via usergroup permissions)
-- Added: 4 Phrases
-- Added: 1 bitfield file

Mosh 23 Dec 2008 02:51

Tested and works with vBulletin Blog v2.0.0 stable (released today).

Please note, you must be running vBulletin 3.7.4 or later to install vBulletin Blog v2.0.0

Mosh 20 Feb 2009 01:35

Update: v3.8.003 - Friday 20th February 2009
-- Changed: Installation instructions (now has uninstall instructions)
-- Added: VersionHistory.txt

This is just a maintenance release, nothing has changed (code-wise), so no need to update if you don't want to.

Mosh 02 Jan 2010 03:40

Hi all,

It is with regret that after over 4 years (and thousands of hours) spent providing free support for my free hacks released here, as of today I will no longer be able to provide support for free.

This is due to being unemployed for a while, being strapped for cash and unable to rely on the virtually non-existent donations from here to help to pay the bills or put food on the table for my family. I am now providing all support for my free hacks released here over at Wolfshead Solutions via an annual support subscription (for a small fee).

It does not mean I will be no longer release free hacks, I will, but I will just no longer be supporting them for free.

My free hacks have and always will remain free to download and use. And so will updates/bug fixes.

I will be releasing more free hacks, but if you require any support at all for those free hacks, you will need to purchase an annual support subscription over at Wolfshead Solutions to receive support.

I am really sorry I have to do this, but revenue generated by my programming gigs are now my only source of income, and I can no longer afford the luxury of providing free support here, when that time can be spent creating new commercial products, doing paid work requests or providing paid support to pay the bills.

Thank you for the understanding.



Mosh 08 Jan 2011 04:22

Hi all,

Free support has now been moved back to vBulletin.org.

Please see the first post for more information (and also this thread at Wolfshead Solutions).

Enjoy :)


Mosh Shigdar - Wolfshead Solutions.

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