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set lastactivity on a big board
by OcR Envy
20 Oct 2010 18:14

I'm running into some slow queries with setting lastactivity on a big board that I develop for(1,285 concurrent users at the time of this post). This is a default vBulletin installation with very little modification.





I've never noticed a problem in any of the smaller boards I run but this one seems to be locking up during peak times and it's all do to these queries. So I took a look and found in core_class.php on line 3,640:


// if this line is removed (say to be replaced by a cron job, you will need to change all of the 'online'
// status indicators as they use $userinfo['lastactivity'] to determine if a user is online which relies
// on this to be updated in real time.
My first thought is just set a cache or cookie/timeout to only update lastactivity say once every 10 minutes. However after reading that I'm wondering how often does 'real time' mean. I would assume it's based on what our cookie_timeout is set to, yes?

Any suggestions on what the problem is, how to resolve it, or any work around examples would be greatly appreciated.

OcR Envy 25 Oct 2010 14:21

Bump, anyone?

VinavB 12 Dec 2010 10:34

whois can help fixed it ???

newmark 02 Jan 2011 15:50

same problem.
anyone who fixes?

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