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VB 4.2.3 Private Message returns Empty Page in Mobile Style
by ed762
29 Jun 2021 18:32

I asked this at the VB support forum already, the response from VB is a bit of an ambiguous "it is the way it is".

We switched to php 5.6.40 to run VB 4.2.3 PL2, everything works fine but private message in mobile style returns empty content. Header and footer are present, but anything to do with the private message templates are missing. Private messaging works fine in the mobile style with VB4.2.3PL2 before we moved to php 5.6.40.

Yes, we know the php version is later than it is officially supported by VB 4.2.3. ( we cannot get 4.2.5 to work yet)

Would anyone be able point us to the direction where to look for the fix?

Thank you in advance

TheLastSuperman 30 Jun 2021 21:33

When you visit the page to view private messages, you say it's blank... what do your server error logs show in regards to errors when viewing this page?

- If you use cPanel, you can view your error logs there, alternatively you can view them by downloading a copy of the error_log form your server, or ultimately by contacting your host and requesting a copy of the error log or a list of the recent errors.

Have you checked the console in your browser for errors?

- Right-click and choose to "Inspect" or "Inspect Element" in Chrome or Firefox to view more info, then click on the Console Tab to view warnings and errors.

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