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vBGarage 4.0.0 Upgrader Revision
by noppid
25 Jan 2005 02:54

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This revision of the upgrader has stricter image checking for creating the thumbnails when upgrading to vBGarage 4.0.0.

If you have already created the thumbnails successfully, you do not need this.

If you have experienced problems creating thumbnails, you need to download and use this revision of the upgrader.

The main download will be updated so that the revision is included for those just downloading vBgarage 4.0.0 for the first time as well.

The steps in the upgrader are safe to run multiple times.

When you use the upgrader revision, if any images fail the check, they will be reported by vbgarageid and count. If any images in the database are NULL, they will be skipped with no warning.

EDIT: (1-25-2005 11:06am EST)
Revision 2 was timing out and skipping images. We have posted revision 4.

The thumbnails are now created 10 at a time with a redirect and all are done at once. The process could take minutes on a large install. We tested it on a live system with 24 images and a live system with 730 images. Both completed successfully. The 730 images took about 3 to 4 minutes. Please be patient when creating alot of thumbnails.

Big thanks to joeychgo for testing the updater for us.

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