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Only variables should be assigned by reference in class_dm_threadpost.php(764)
by postcd
13 Oct 2019 11:12


in vbulletin 4.2.5 + PHP 5.6.40 error log, i found an error:

PHP Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /includes/class_dm_threadpost.php(764) : eval()'d code on line 113
line 113 in that file is: parent::__construct($registry, $errtype);
line 764 is empty

I have found some post here by Dave where is suggested some replacement:


parent::vB_DataManager($registry, $errtype);
parent::__construct($registry, $errtype);
i have also seen "Only variables should be assigned by reference" error for /register.php file, this line:

$userdata =& datamanager_init('User', $vbulletin, ERRTYPE_ARRAY);
So i tried to switch to PHP 5.5.38, but i do not know if it will help.

Can You advise how to modify mentioned lines so it is correct?

Dave 13 Oct 2019 12:39

If the error says "eval()'d" that means it's caused by a hook of an installed plugin.
If you look at line 764 of /includes/class_dm_threadpost.php, it should state which registered hook is causing it. You can then go to the hook manager page which shows all registered hooks and determine which plugin might be causing it.

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