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block posts with links
by tomasd
10 Nov 2016 14:05

On the old board running vB3, we had a mod, that would block new members from posting links.
(Mainly to make spam moderation easier.)
Our moderators would like similar feature for the vB5 install.

I couldn't find a way for the vB5, is it correct that there is no way nor workaround to achieve that?

Do you think would it be possible through custom modification at current stage (it didn't seem to me), or at some later stage (when vB plugins get better suppport)?

In Omnibus 10 Nov 2016 14:42

In AdminCP under Usergroup Manager:

Create Permissions > Can Create Link

noypiscripter 10 Nov 2016 18:34

I think what the OP wants is to prevent users from pasting any link in the post and not just posting Link content type via the Link icon (next to the Camera icon) in the editor.

With lack of PHP hook locations, this will require hacking the createcontent.php frontend controller to parse the post content and remove all URLs before calling the API to save the post.

kether1 21 Nov 2019 04:14

I was looking for this type of modification also. We get lots of spammers who sign-up and post links to inappropriate content. Any ideas or recommendations?

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