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Can moderators send Tachy to Coventry?
by hubix
16 May 2008 12:12


I'm searching for a possibility to let moderators put bad users on the Tachy list, without giving them full access to the Vbulletin settings?
Didn't found a hack for that.
Maybe it's simply not possible...?

Thanks in forward for your help!:cool:

nexialys 16 May 2008 12:16

hum, yeah, this could be a good idea, but if moderators are making global management of member, i think this can be hasardeous...

everything can be possible for this, but the feature is built to the point where the admin is supposed to manage site-wide features, not moderators...

Lynne 16 May 2008 17:00

Moderators are allowed to ban members, so I think it would make sense to allow them to send them to tachy.

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