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vBulletin Poll Voting!
by Cloud_Strife
26 Jun 2010 18:36

Is there any way a member can cast more than one vote in an existing poll? If yes how can I achive this?

ChopSuey 26 Jun 2010 23:13

I don't think you can do that, if you did it would probably ruin votes or something.


BirdOPrey5 27 Jun 2010 00:10

When you first make the poll there is an option to allow multiple votes- the poll becomes check boxes instead of radio buttons so you can vote for more than 1 thing... but if you mean to let people vote after they've already voted there is no way of doing that, it might be something that could be accomplished with a mod- make a request for one in the free (yeah right) or paid requests forum.

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