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Style Error
by luggz
14 Nov 2013 23:23

This is the error i get when i try installing templates can any one please help? Im used to Vbulletin 3.8

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Unable to find a class to validate: vB_TemplateParser_Curlycssfile' inpublic_html/forums/includes/class_template_parser.php:1035 Stack trace: #0 xxxxxx/public_html/forums/includes/adminfunctions_template.php(2842): vB_TemplateParser->validate(Array) #1 xxxxxx/public_html/forums/includes/adminfunctions_template.php(4138): compile_template() #2 xxxxxx/public_html/forums/includes/adminfunctions_template.php(4056): xml_import_template_groups('{vb:cssfile add...') #3 xxxxxx/public_html/forums/admincp/template.php(530): xml_import_style(2, 'vbulletin', Array, false) #4 {main} thrown in xxxxxx /public_html/forums/includes/class_template_parser.php on line 1035

ozzy47 14 Nov 2013 23:39

Installing templates, or styles?

luggz 14 Nov 2013 23:45

Im sorry styles I think I found out why though..... please understand it has been since 2010 since I have used my Vbulletin I am running 4.0.2 I am a favorite of the 3.8 look but cant use it with Vbadvanced. I will update soon when i get the cash to do so but I don't like the vb5 look.

please correct me if I am wrong.

ozzy47 14 Nov 2013 23:50

What style were you trying to import?

luggz 15 Nov 2013 00:06







ozzy47 15 Nov 2013 00:10

I believe you are getting that error because all of those are for vB versions above the version you are running.

luggz 15 Nov 2013 00:10

I like black and red styles, I really do not like the new way to edit the colors in the stylevars

ozzy47 15 Nov 2013 00:12

I did not at first, but once you get used to it, it is way more powerful than it was in vB3

luggz 15 Nov 2013 00:20

Yea that's the case with every thing now days. Would i be able to just upgrade to the latest vb4 or will it be vb5

--------------- Added 15 Nov 2013 at 00:21 ---------------

is there a cheat sheet for what cvars does what in the stylevars

ozzy47 15 Nov 2013 00:24

I don't know, what license do you have?

luggz 15 Nov 2013 00:31


Max Taxable 15 Nov 2013 00:48


Originally Posted by luggz (Post 2460819)

Those are always better than the stolen ones.:D

I think he was asking, what version you're licensed for.

ozzy47 15 Nov 2013 00:49

Ok, that is not what I was looking for, when did you purchase the license?

luggz 15 Nov 2013 00:53

LOL sorry vBulletin 3.x Forum up to 4.x however it says Inactive - Expired Feb 16th '10

ozzy47 15 Nov 2013 00:55

Yeah then in order to upgrade to the latest vB4 version, you would need to purchase a vB5 license, which allows you to use either vB5, vB4 or vB3, but only one site though.

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