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Site hacked :(
by Pimpin PSP
09 Mar 2010 05:13


I don' t konw who this pegasus guy is; I dont even talk to him

The question im asking is how do I fix this? :(

notrious 09 Mar 2010 05:19

OK EDIT: just http://theelitelegits.com/forum/install/upgrade.php rename config file (uploaded all new files) and make sure you have correct database details then just run upgrade script.

Ok .. just easy ... Seems like he removed all the files from ftp http://theelitelegits.com/forum/admincp if that's the admincp direc ..
Ok now login to your ftp and upload all the vbulletin files and just edit conf file and place the database details make sure to download and upload the very exect version you have .. then just run upgrade.php script you sould be back and up in no time.

Pimpin PSP 09 Mar 2010 05:20

Yea I'm fixing it now. It was defaced.
Thank you for helping :D

notrious 09 Mar 2010 05:23

Do Not Forget To Change Your Cpanle And Ftp Passwords Along With Admin ..


Pimpin PSP 09 Mar 2010 05:33

thank you :D
It's fixed ;)

Its hacked agian :(

It looks like this guy is unsoppable.

Hiro 09 Mar 2010 05:43

How are you getting hacked? Is it via the forum or are the files actually being modified?

Chances are you have a virus.. or even worst (this has happend to me before) someone from your host is actually granting themself access to your account.

Pimpin PSP 09 Mar 2010 05:45

After I fixed it, it happened again. I think the hacker is just watching the forum
But the thing is, its only the forum directory getting affected.
I have to close it down for a while
This guy didnt let me have a chance of backing up the files.

I don't think it's a virus though.

He seems to be talking to me on AIM.
I have to settle this

I just settled this with him on his AIM.

Pegasus1337xx 10:47 pm
(10:48:02 PM): hey babe
xXPSPXx123 10:48 pm
(10:48:05 PM): ++++ you
Pegasus1337xx 10:48 pm
(10:48:18 PM): in my ass?
xXPSPXx123 10:48 pm
(10:48:20 PM): Do i even know you
Pegasus1337xx 10:48 pm
(10:48:26 PM): isnt that kinda gay?
xXPSPXx123 10:48 pm
(10:48:33 PM): Im talking to you
Pegasus1337xx 10:48 pm
(10:48:40 PM): oh thats right
(10:48:45 PM): you bluff way to much
xXPSPXx123 10:48 pm
(10:48:49 PM): And how
Pegasus1337xx 10:48 pm
(10:48:53 PM): I thought Id teach you a lesson
xXPSPXx123 10:49 pm
(10:49:00 PM): and who are you
Pegasus1337xx 10:49 pm
(10:49:06 PM): pegasus
xXPSPXx123 10:49 pm
(10:49:13 PM): Who are you really
(10:49:19 PM): what have i done t you
Pegasus1337xx 10:49 pm
(10:49:23 PM): pegasus -_-
xXPSPXx123 10:49 pm
(10:49:29 PM): what have I dont to you
Pegasus1337xx 10:49 pm
(10:49:43 PM): I made a backup
(10:49:59 PM): oh well its gone now
Pegasus1337xx 10:50 pm
(10:50:04 PM): since youre so damn hostile
xXPSPXx123 10:50 pm
(10:50:33 PM): I should contact my host
Pegasus1337xx 10:50 pm
(10:50:41 PM): go ahead
(10:51:04 PM): im not the one with warez on my host
xXPSPXx123 10:51 pm
(10:51:11 PM): waht the ++++ are you talking about
(10:51:14 PM): I dont have warez
(10:51:18 PM): My site is for legit players
(10:51:23 PM): People tha DONT hack
(10:51:26 PM): I never bluffed
(10:51:29 PM): I dotn know you
(10:51:34 PM): I think you mistaken someone else
Pegasus1337xx 10:51 pm
(10:51:46 PM): oh really now?
(10:51:57 PM): pimpin psp
xXPSPXx123 10:52 pm
(10:52:06 PM): How the ++++ are you
(10:52:12 PM): Waht ahve I done to you
Pegasus1337xx 10:52 pm
(10:52:14 PM): im great
(10:52:38 PM): It would help if your grammar didn't suck.
xXPSPXx123 10:52 pm
(10:52:46 PM): I type to fast
Pegasus1337xx 10:52 pm
(10:52:52 PM): so do i :O
(10:52:57 PM): you dont see me making mistakes
xXPSPXx123 10:53 pm
(10:53:19 PM): Dude just stop it
Pegasus1337xx 10:53 pm
(10:53:21 PM): the picture suites you nicely
xXPSPXx123 10:53 pm
(10:53:30 PM): Just stop this shit
Pegasus1337xx 10:53 pm
(10:53:36 PM): ok
xXPSPXx123 10:53 pm
(10:53:40 PM): dude please
Pegasus1337xx 10:53 pm
(10:53:43 PM): since you asked nicely
xXPSPXx123 10:53 pm
(10:53:56 PM): Thank you
(10:54:00 PM): PLease dont do it again
xXPSPXx123 10:54 pm
(10:54:08 PM): And for reals, who are you
Pegasus1337xx 10:54 pm
(10:54:27 PM): -link-
(10:54:31 PM): :)
xXPSPXx123 10:54 pm
(10:54:37 PM): omg
(10:54:59 PM): no ..
(10:55:06 PM): Who is bluffing you?
Pegasus1337xx 10:55 pm
(10:55:44 PM): inside joke ;)
xXPSPXx123 10:55 pm
(10:55:51 PM): Why are you doing htis
Pegasus1337xx 10:56 pm
(10:56:06 PM): aids sent me
Pegasus1337xx 10:56 pm
(10:56:18 PM): didn't seem to like you very much
(10:56:23 PM): i offered my services
(10:56:27 PM): and here we are
xXPSPXx123 10:56 pm
(10:56:31 PM): ++++ him I have done nothing wrong
Pegasus1337xx 10:56 pm
(10:56:42 PM): :O
(10:57:04 PM): if it makes you feel any better ill do his site as well
xXPSPXx123 10:57 pm
(10:57:12 PM): PLease
Pegasus1337xx 10:57 pm
(10:57:17 PM): put a giant penis
xXPSPXx123 10:57 pm
(10:57:23 PM): One thing in favor
(10:57:28 PM): teach me how you do tihs
(10:57:36 PM): My defacings are shit
Pegasus1337xx 10:57 pm
(10:57:41 PM): I thought you were a "big shot"
xXPSPXx123 10:57 pm
(10:57:46 PM): I never said that
Pegasus1337xx 10:57 pm
(10:57:48 PM): defaces are in html
xXPSPXx123 10:57 pm
(10:57:58 PM): I do know how to hack sites
(10:58:04 PM): I never said I was mr big shot
Pegasus1337xx 10:58 pm
(10:58:24 PM): pretty sure i said big shot
(10:58:26 PM): no mr =\
(10:58:32 PM): anyways
(10:59:01 PM): i suppose you took a backup?
xXPSPXx123 10:59 pm
(10:59:12 PM): No
(10:59:24 PM): I thought you had one
Pegasus1337xx 10:59 pm
(10:59:24 PM): :(
(10:59:42 PM): never even touched the panel
(10:59:58 PM): you should do backups every day or so
(11:00:04 PM): only takes like 2 minutes :O
xXPSPXx123 11:00 pm
(11:00:15 PM): Im fixing this
Pegasus1337xx 11:00 pm
(11:00:21 PM): -link-
xXPSPXx123 11:00 pm
(11:00:22 PM): Just don't do it again
xXPSPXx123 11:00 pm
(11:00:24 PM): oh no...
(11:00:36 PM): Dude seriously
(11:00:39 PM): please just stop this
Pegasus1337xx 11:00 pm
(11:00:47 PM): assumed you guys liked star wars
(11:00:55 PM): that site is fine
(11:00:58 PM): look
xXPSPXx123 11:01 pm
(11:01:31 PM): its not fine
(11:01:36 PM): -link-
Pegasus1337xx 11:01 pm
(11:01:43 PM): refresh
xXPSPXx123 11:02 pm
(11:02:07 PM): dude just stop this
Pegasus1337xx 11:02 pm
(11:02:11 PM): ok
Pegasus1337xx 11:02 pm
(11:02:30 PM): ;)

Sorry for any profanity.
But I hope everything is fixed and settled.

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