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Forum attacked by spam - need to delete all data
by skubaman
12 Aug 2013 16:54

Hi, just a few hours after installing a new Vb 4.2.1 it was attacked by spam bots. It now has thousands of users, which I have deleted. But it also has over 50k spam threads. Can't figure out a quick way to delete all of them. I tried deleting the entire forum but it keeps quitting on me.

I have already disabled the forum as well, but somehow there is traffic trying to access pages and it's tripping my server. I keep loosing mysql and other server services with the attacks.

Any suggestion on how to best deal with this?

Thanks so much

snakes1100 12 Aug 2013 17:01

Just delete the forum that the posts are in or use the post prune tool in the admincp

skubaman 12 Aug 2013 18:28


Originally Posted by snakes1100 (Post 2438483)
Just delete the forum that the posts are in or use the post prune tool in the admincp

When I try to delete the forum it runs runs runs and quits without deleting it. Also I can't prune, because prune form forces me to search threads by username.

Isn't there any way to delete all threads?


snakes1100 12 Aug 2013 18:34

The two ways in my previous post are how you can mass delete threads/posts.

If it "runs runs runs", thats a issue with your server, not the forums itself.

The prune feature does NOT force you to search by user, you need to use the correct prune feature, which is under "Thread & Posts" --> prune

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