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Quick Style Chooser blank
by jwaggoner
13 Oct 2020 18:29

I recently upgraded from vB 4.2.2 to vB 4.2.5. Since doing that the Quick Style Chooser is blank. If I select the arrow it just shows the name "Quick Style Chooser" and nothing else.

I have checked in settings and I do have it enabled for users to choose a style. I have a test board and Quick Style Chooser works there. They were both upgraded at the same time and are just about identical except for the posts and threads.

Here is the code I see in Google Developer Tools in the live site:

Here is what it looks like in the test site.

I have searched everywhere to find where that code is generated.

Any help would be greatly appeciated.

z3r0 14 Oct 2020 05:39

I've never seent that before.

Is it happening on all your styles on your main site?
Have you tried the vb4 default skin?
Have you tried rebuilding styles? (admincp left column -> Maintenance ->General update tools -> Rebuild styles)

jwaggoner 14 Oct 2020 13:09

The styles all seem to work. Users can go into their profile and choose other styles. The styles just don't show up here. I can't figure out where in the code or database the information is supposed to come from.

TheLastSuperman 16 Oct 2020 23:12

Try creating a 100% new style, name it test or something simple, check the new style for the quick style chooser display issue - is it present? If it works in this new style (which is generated by your new vB4.2.5 version instead of being generated by 4.2.2) then we know there is another template or file-related issue with the previous styles.

jwaggoner 17 Oct 2020 13:39

Thanks for the suggestion. I will try that later today or tomorrow when I have some time.

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