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Register to a closed forum
by moonclamp
08 Jul 2017 11:28

I want to keep a new forum closed/under development, but allow people to sign up pending the grand opening day.

Any ideas?


In Omnibus 08 Jul 2017 13:01

So, you want people to be able to register but not see any part of the forums?

Temporarily change the permissions of User Group 2 (Registered Users) to "No" on Can View permissions.

There are other ways but that would be the easiest one and does not require a mod.

moonclamp 10 Jul 2017 00:02

I was thinking of leaving the "closed for business" message too, but I guess I could do that with a notice.

Thanks for the suggestion

moonclamp 13 Jul 2017 13:47

I guess that closing access to the main usergroups will show them the standard "no permission" message, which I don't want - and I'll have to do the same for blogs, articles, galleries too.

I could do that and alter the "no permission" message, but allowing registration while keeping the "website closed" message would be far better and easier to reverse.

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