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Suggestions for creating new threads using custom format - ?
by ne_one
16 Jun 2016 17:43

We're hoping to find a solution that will allow our members to create new threads in a particular forum by capturing data and then rendering it using our own simple format.

So basically:

1. Member goes to a particular forum
2. On post new thread, form is used to capture data
3. On submit, new thread is created with our format

Being able to edit the form would be ideal.

A couple of the form mods appear to do a great job of validating field entries and maintaining the data in a table.

From what we can see, Easy Forms has a feature that allows new posts to be created using a template while vBForms would require us to customize the code to generate our own output.

Any suggestions on how to go about doing this?

--------------- Added 17 Jun 2016 at 17:41 ---------------

I ended up going with Easy Forms and for the most part it's been able to meet my needs.

I do have a couple of questions related to the mod if someone chances upon this thread. The mod thread isn't very active.

1. Is it possible to pre-populate values for dropdowns and dates?

2. When using the vB editor for a text field the default set of icons is very limited. Is this a config issue?

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