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[Release] Blink PM bar on new PM - 3 Versions
by cYbercOsmOnauT
30 Jun 2003 12:49

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The original idea was made by Firefly on vbulletin.org with php-hacking.

I changed his code so that it works only with template modifications. No php-hacking needed. Also I did three versions.

1. For normal category background
2. For category background with grafic
3. For blink with an animated gif

Credits go to Firefly for the idea. :)

imported_Mathiau 31 Oct 2003 03:14

shall try this one out! thnx.

imported_psyblast 19 Nov 2003 06:01

i love this mod, great for getting peoples attention when they have a new pm :) love it

thanks a bunch

Re: [Release] Blink PM bar on new PM - 3 Versions
by imported_FrankieFive
06 Mar 2005 17:42

I can't find forumhome_pmloggedin in the templates? Where is it?

Re: [Release] Blink PM bar on new PM - 3 Versions
by imported_Dennis Olson
15 Mar 2005 02:23

Nor can I. vB3.0.3 here.

Time for a mod face lift...
by MyvB8MyIPS
11 Apr 2005 18:08

This thread was started almost two years ago. I don't think the OP is still here. If you want a mod like this for the newer 3.0.7 boards then you should say so in this thread. The more people that ask for it, the quicker someone will pick up on it and make it.


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