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GTPrivate Message Alert Popup
by Princeton
13 Jun 2007 23:22

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NEW 1.0.3 VERSION (download pm_new_alert_popup103.zip)

GTPrivate Message Alert Popup replaces the javascript private message alert popup. It is similar to the one here on vbulletin.org except that the style is different.

The one supplied here is a standard vBulletin style. Below is a screenshot of how it looks like.

Custom modification brought to you by Joe Velez (aka Princeton vbulletin.org Admin).

Show your support and click Mark As Installed, Nominate For MOTM, or Support Developer.

All you have to do is upload the product via the Plugin system.

I know somebody will end up asking me so ..

If you are having problems:
  • Make sure that your vBulletin Options / Instant Messaging Support - Check for New Private Messages is enabled.
  • Make sure that the receiver of message has Show New Private Message Notification Pop-up checked.
  • Test by sending private message to another user (not yourself).
  • Duplicate alerts in navbar? Remove $pmmessage from navbar template.
  • Prefer to have alert in header template? Manually add $pmmessage to the bottom of your header template and change $gtpmmessage = true; to $gtpmmessage = false; in "Replace PM Popup" plugin
NOTE: This modifciation works similar to the alert popup. It will only display 1 time.

  • v1.0.3 Fixed quote issue - title with quotes would appear with slashes eg. \"title\"
  • v1.0.3 there's no need to add $pmmessage
  • v1.0.2 Added missing phrases
  • v1.0.1 Added missing template to xml
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rjmjr69 13 Jun 2007 23:52

Doesnt work for me

I had to import the product twice for it to set both my styles but no results.

Distance 14 Jun 2007 00:24

Nice work. What happens if there are multiple pms in the users message box.

Also.. You said that its similar to the one here, but I have never seen one?


Rob6 14 Jun 2007 00:40

Very Nice!

Cobro 14 Jun 2007 00:54

is this plugin only for default style ? i have approx3.6.5.. I cant see this.Darn:(

could some one help

RickB 14 Jun 2007 01:16

Didn't work for me. I tried to install the plug-in twice and it changed all styles. Still don't see it though.


Mr_Snob 14 Jun 2007 01:55

same also don't work anyway thank you Joe :D
Joe where are templates you haven't included templates into this product :)

Princeton 14 Jun 2007 01:57

For this to work, the receiver of message must have Show New Private Message Notification Pop-up checked

Princeton 14 Jun 2007 02:01

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here's a screenshot of how it looks like here (vbulletin.org)...

Mr_Snob 14 Jun 2007 02:01

Joe I checked into product code
I have seen 'gtpm_pm_popup_script' template but doesn't included this template in this product why?

Princeton 14 Jun 2007 02:04

LOL .. I'll get a new xml up in a minute. :D

Mr_Snob 14 Jun 2007 02:05

azuhahahaha :D:D:D

thank you Joe I have now Installed great product :D

Princeton 14 Jun 2007 02:11


Originally Posted by Mr_Snob (Post 1268047)
azuhahahaha :D:D:D

thank you Joe I have now Installed great product :D

good catch Mr_Snob .. THANK YOU :up:

Mr_Snob 14 Jun 2007 02:32


Originally Posted by Princeton (Post 1268055)
good catch Mr_Snob .. THANK YOU :up:

No Problem Joe I Like Your Hacks :D:up:

Shazz 14 Jun 2007 02:35

That looks sweet, Testing it :)

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