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User's Social Groups on Forum Home (like forumlist, fully templated)
by cellarius
31 Jan 2009 17:04

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What does it do?
  • Shows all social groups the actual user is a member of or is subscribed to, just below the forumlist (or anywhere else on forumhome). If there are new messages, the corresponding forum statusicon is highlighted - just like in forumlist.
  • If there are no groups to show, you can choose to show a teaser message.

Things to set in AdminCP/Options
  • show member of / subscribed to /nothing
  • sort by name or last message date
  • limit max number of groups shown, then link to appropriate page (grouplist for members, usercp for subscribers)
  • restrict use by usergroup
  • show a teaser message if there are no groups to show
  • show buttons to open new discussion etc.
  • apply custom css to grouptitle
  • trim group description to max length or disable
  • parse bbcode in group descriptions
  • use a different set of statusicons for groups than for forums
  • use .png for statusicons instead of .gif (global in AdminCP, per style in groupsbit template)
  • show groupicon instead of statusicon

  • Out of the box: I tried to copy the standard look of the forumlist on forumhome.
  • As requested, it is now fully templated (following the forumbit-scheme) for easy adjustment to custom styles.
    See the screenshot of a modified example in this post.

  1. Upload folder "images" to your forum root (can be omitted if you do not want to use the buttons).
  2. Import the product file.
  3. Check settings in AdminCP->Options->Social Groups on Forumhome.

Template edit
Will be automatically inserted below your forums list if you are using TMS, which I highly recommend to do. If not:


Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

Above add:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

If you don't like it there, you can insert $cel_social_groups anywhere you like on forumhome.

Technical stuff
1 product file that adds
+ 3 templates (following the forumbit-scheme)
+ 3 plugins
+ adds 2 queries to forumhome (only if groups are shown, of course).
+ a bunch of phrases (prefix: cel_sgfh_).
+ 4 png-buttons, taken from the silk icon set.

  • Marking of new messages only works with database, not with cookie based marking of read threads (-> AdminCP setting)
    Explanation: This mod relys on the information in the database when a discussion was last read by the actual user. If you rely on cookies for this, you can use this mod anyway, but there will be no marking if there are unread messages by changed statusicons.
  • 3.7 Discussion groups will show up as "no messages yet" as long as there was no message written under 3.8
    Explanation: When converting the old 3.7 message board into a discussion, Jelsoft was a little bit slack. While normally all the information about the last updated discussion is stored in the socialgroups table, this information is not entered for the auto-created discussion. For example: The discussion ID for the last updated discussion simply is 0 instead of the actual id of the auto created discussion. Therefore, this mod can not retrieve the information it needs since the discussion is not linked to the social group. This only changes when the first message under 3.8 is written.
  • Not a bug note: In vB 3.8 there was an issue where the last discussion title was not correctly updated by vB in the socialgroup table. This would lead this mod to show a wrong last discussion title under some circumstances. This was resolved in 3.8.1.
    See Bugtracker: http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/proje...?issueid=27176
Version history

v 1.4
+ some bugfixes
+ option to turn teaser message off
+ option to show several buttons: to start a new discussion - see the group's members list - see the group' photos (only shown if there are any attached pictures) - unsubscribe (only if subscribed groups are shown) (Thanks to glorify)
1.4.1: Template/Style error in Google Chrome fixed

v 1.3
+ now fully templated. New templates: forumhome_cel_social_groups_groupsbit and forumhome_cel_social_groups_lastmsgby.
1.3.1: Link to user profile error fixed

v 1.2
+ added option to sort groups by date of last message
+ added missing phrase

v 1.1

+ improved database query
+ limitations somewhat lessened
+ added settings page to AdminCP
+ choose whether to show groups the user is a member of or subscribed to
+ limit number of groups shown, then link to appropriate page
+ restrict use by usergroup
+ some minor bugfixes

Planned features (no promises made!)

none atm

option to use a set of different statusicons for the groups
option to use the social group's icon instead of the statusicon
and to go with that, for additional/substitunional unread marking, possibility to add css markup to the social group's title

  • AdminCP
  • Forumhome (with groupicon and css formatted groupname, bbcode in description parsed)
  • Forumhome (with forum statusicons and trimmed description -> bbcode not parsed)
### Don't forget to click install! ###
(No support if you don't)

cellarius 31 Jan 2009 17:22


digicom 31 Jan 2009 17:23


Just import product file.
there is no product file attached??

cellarius 31 Jan 2009 17:34


Originally Posted by digicom (Post 1730012)
there is no product file attached??

Well, just give a man a few seconds to prepare ;)

Subah 31 Jan 2009 17:48

Thank you


Originally Posted by cellarius (Post 1730025)
Well, just give a man a few seconds to prepare ;)


RvG2 31 Jan 2009 17:58

FINALLY! :) gosh you are heaven sent here.

I have installed it, I am a member on one of my groups there were new posts but still i did not see it forumhome.

Have I done wro ng?

cellarius 31 Jan 2009 18:15

Did you do the template edit?

RvG2 31 Jan 2009 18:17

yes it shows only You are currently not a member of a social group.
See what you are missing

although there are new posts in the group.

RvG2 31 Jan 2009 18:22

what is this? reisekalender.php

cellarius 31 Jan 2009 20:16


Originally Posted by RvG2 (Post 1730069)
what is this? reisekalender.php

Sorry, a relict from another of my mods where I took this snippet from :o

Please re-download and re-import the product file. Should be fixed.

Concerning your other problem: Are you a member of these social groups and have you read the limitations in the fist post?

Mark.B 31 Jan 2009 20:56

Needs a bit of tidying up of the html but works fine.

Would be nice if it could pull a thumbnail of the group icon somehow, I did have a play but I get all in a tizz with database queries after a while.

cellarius 31 Jan 2009 22:33

Uploaded a new version of the product with a corrected xml. If you downloaded before, please reinstall.

RvG2 01 Feb 2009 15:52

yes this works perfectly. :)

TalkTemplate 01 Feb 2009 16:22

looks nice i will try it!

glorify 01 Feb 2009 18:17

Any way you could have it so only the subscribed groups show?

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