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[3.0.0 Gamma, RC1, RC2] Moderator Thread Tools/Admin Tools behavior change
by StevenTN
09 Jan 2004 20:44

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Note: Since I received hell that this is a template mod from an un-named member over at vB.org, I'm also posting this here.

My staff (and I) were having difficulty adjusting to the new Admin Tools that was introduced in vB3 Gamma. Looking for the easier tools that was in use with vB3 betas as well as 2.x, I studied the problem.

The result was this hack. Visually, you no longer see the perform action button. Functionally, when you click on an action, it automatically submits it.

This is for the javascript pop-up menus, and not the drop-downs if you have it disabled.

Why did I do this instead of a hyperlink or other system? Three of the functions require the submit method to be "post". Unfortunately, hyperlinks do not support post methods unless you have something like javascript and a hidden form.

So, if you find yourself having trouble getting used to the current set up, use this hack.

The instructions and the template modifications are in the attached text file.

Files Modified:

Templates Modified:
Show Thread Templates --> SHOWTHREAD

New Files/Templates:

Limited support is provided for this hack, please see the text file for details.

tomshawk 10 Jan 2004 05:44

Screen shot?

Zachery 10 Jan 2004 07:10

thanks for the contribution and i was the un named memeber ;D

Bad Bunny 25 Jan 2004 15:03

I'm not quite following. I think a screenshot or example would be needed. Or at least better explanation?

StevenTN 26 Jan 2004 15:58

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Here's your screen shot.

If you're a mod or admin and have Gamma +, go to a thread, then go to "admin tools"... it's exactly like that except for a missing submit action button.

Of course, here's a screenshot for those who don't have an imagination.

Zachery 26 Jan 2004 15:59

what about browsers that wont go automaticly?

StevenTN 26 Jan 2004 16:12

It should go automatically if they have javascript enabled. If not, they won't even see the thread tools DHTML dropdown anyway. It's been tested in Opera, IE, and Netscape/Mozilla, plus my other staff have other browsers/OSes and have given positive feedback as of late.

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